Top 10 Superfoods: What’s in Your Diet?

Eating healthy foods regularly, engaging in regular exercise, and finding ways to decrease stress will keep your joints fluid and mobile, your blood pressure regulated, and your weight at a healthy level.

Top 10 Superfoods

While eating healthy can be considered by many to be a ‘no-brainer,’ there are certain foods bursting with loads of nutrition that the average Western eater is going without. Going forward, make sure that doesn’t describe you!

Discover the following 10 superfoods and make them part of your weekly eating plan:

1. Almonds


These oval-shaped little nuts just may hold the key for many to get more calcium in their diets. In fact, this nut is the richest source of calcium out of all the nuts coming in at 23 milligrams of calcium in just one serving. What makes the nutrition-rich almond even more desirable is its high level of vitamin E, with one serving providing 15 percent of the RDA for vitamin E. But the goodness of almonds doesn’t stop there. Almonds are also a valuable source of protein. So if you don’t eat meat, be sure to stock up on almonds.

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